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How long do you boil eggs for hard boiled?

And how long to cool them before you can dye them?

Is it illegal to carry around a dull sword in Oklahoma?

I want to carry it around town and look like a bad ass but I don’t know if it’s illegal.It looks awesome and that’s the reason I would like to carry it around. I like dressing up and it would be part of my knight outfit.Oh, i’m not a freak either, i’m an entertainer.

What are the steps and costs involved in opening a retail wine business in the Bay Area?

What permits/licenses are required, from whom, and how long does it typically take to acquire them (and for how much)? How much does will it cost to acquire inventory? Any other key hurdles/requirements to get up and running?In the San Francisco Bay Area

Is it possible to overcook a beef chuck roast using a dutch oven on the stove?

Or is it like pulled pork, the more you cook it the more tender it gets.And if i cook it like answer #1, why does it sometimes turn out dry?

How long does ginger keep in the refrigerator?

Just regular old ginger root. I know it dries out easily, but the dried parts can be removed. How long should I keep up the process of removing the dry parts and using it?

Can someone give me a good, simple Corn Bread recipe?

I am new to the south and everything comes with Corn Bread ~ which I love.Can someone share their favourite and easy corn bread recipe with me, so I can try and make it myself, please.

How do I gain my confidence before cooking?

See I’m having an execution day where I am going to cook 3 dishes in 1hr 45 mins. The 15 mins is for me to prepare the dishes for presentation. This is for a very important examination, so I am alot nervous than usual. I’m not that confident in cooking because I dont usually cook….

How do you make chicken parmesan?

I am a horrible cook but I have never ate chicken parmesan before. Is it good?

What Should I Make For Dinner For Myself and my 11 Year Old Brother?

I have to babysit him tonight and don’t know what I should make for dinner. I can cook pretty well but I am tired of what I usually make him for dinner: Mac and Cheese, Chicken Kiev, Chicken Patties, Spaghetti, etc.What should I make him? Thanks!Also, it’s hot out so something refreshing would be nice.

How many people does a keg of beer serve?

Im getting married and want to serve beer at the wedding. There could be between 50-90 people there with maybe 20-40 beer drinkers. Is one keg going to be enough for everyone to have 3 or 4 drinks? What about wine for the ladies? Should I just buy a couple of boxes?Im paying for this…