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Where can I get to see some pictures of wedding cake designs ?

I have to prepare wedding cakes next week and need some inspiration.Any other websites, please? (Aside from wilton and prostco websites)

How do you make meat balls from scratch?

An easy to follow recipe, please.ThanksRecipe and shopping list, also.

How to eat using a chopstick?

I would like to learn to use chopstick…I don’t know how to hold it properly. Can someone provide tips?

What are good meals to make in a big batch and store in the freezer?

I’m getting tired of cooking every night, but I still want the homemade meal. I am not a very picky eater.

How to prepare a proper bento?

Hiya!I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on how to prepare a proper bento. I can fix one but it’s usually so boring. It seems like other girls can make bento to be so cute! How can I do that, and what types of food would you suggest I put in it?Thanks…

How do I obtain the nutritional value of a recipe that I’ve made up on my own?

Are there any websites for calculating the nutritional value? I’m thinking about entering a few food contests and would like to have that information available.

Which is better, cooking a steak in a grill pan or broiling it?

I do not have an outdoor grill but would like to make steak. I just bought a grill pan, and I have an electric oven with a broiler setting. If I get an already tender type of steak, which would be the best way to cook it?

Easiest way to make home made ravioli?

I’m a foodie and love ravioli but am a little intimidated. What’s the simplest way to make the dough?

How to make an inexpensive wine fermenter?

I am wanting to put together a homemade wine fermenter. I do not want to buy the $70-150 kits they sell. I’ve also already seen the pages where they list about 100 supplies you need to buy to make them but I have also seen the pages where you can use household items to make…

What is your fool proof method of cooking rice?

Whether you prefer sticky or fluffy, white or brown, what is the way you make it to turn out every time?