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How do you clean the cooking grate on a grill?

I have a charcoal grill, and the cooking grate needs to be cleaned. What’s the best way to clean it?

Does anybody know the recipe for the Olive Garden dressing they have on their salad?

It’s my favorite and I HAVE to find it by tonight! I’m going to try and be domestic and make dinner tonight lol.

What is the fastest way to eat pistachios?

I’m going to be in a pistachio eating contest and want to know the fastest way to shell them.

How long do eggs keep in refrigerator?

I have heard that you can use eggs past the ‘use by’ date on the carton.

What are the most comforatble shoes (brand name please) to wear when you work in the food business?

I’m looking for the specific brand and style of a comfortable shoe preferably from restaurant workers who have tried a few different types but now are happy with what they have found. Please answer this if you are on your feet all day while you work, and know what you are talking about. Thanks abunch.I…

Do you know how to make french toast crispier?

Do you know how to make french toast crispier?It there some sort of recipe or something? Mine always ends up soggy in the middle.

What is the best recipe for homemade whole wheat potato bread?

I love potato bread and potato rolls, especially Martin’s potato rolls and whole wheat potato bread. However, I would love to bake my own bread at home. I am looking for the BEST homemade whole wheat potato bread recipe. The best answer will be as in-depth and informative as possible while assuming that I know…

Does anyone know of a good venue for an elvis themed 60th birthday party in Ayrshire or Glasgow?

We are planning to throw an Elvis themed party for a 60th birthday party, we are based in Ayrshire but would be willing to travel to Glasgow if anyone knows of any good venues. Many thanks.

How do you get a lasagna to be perfect?

How do you get a lasagna to be not too dry and not to juicy to be placed on the table? Specific Time? Tips? Ingredients?It’s supposed to be hot from the oven, but sometimes it’s still all gooey. It gets better 10 minutes later, but then it’s not as hot.

What are some names of alcoholic mixed drinks I can ask a bartender for at a bar, something original?

I have had audioses, long island ice teas, scooby dos, what are some more I am tired of these, dont go out much but I would like to change it up a bit.Try something new.