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Does anyone know of a good venue for an elvis themed 60th birthday party in Ayrshire or Glasgow?

We are planning to throw an Elvis themed party for a 60th birthday party, we are based in Ayrshire but would be willing to travel to Glasgow if anyone knows of any good venues. Many thanks.

How do you get a lasagna to be perfect?

How do you get a lasagna to be not too dry and not to juicy to be placed on the table? Specific Time? Tips? Ingredients?It’s supposed to be hot from the oven, but sometimes it’s still all gooey. It gets better 10 minutes later, but then it’s not as hot.

What are some names of alcoholic mixed drinks I can ask a bartender for at a bar, something original?

I have had audioses, long island ice teas, scooby dos, what are some more I am tired of these, dont go out much but I would like to change it up a bit.Try something new.

how to prepare steak in a broiler?

I know how do do london broil, but what about the other kind?

Can you help me compile a list of different types of pies and cookies?

And the recipes for any unusual ones? Thanks so so much in advance!I’m just wanting a list of different types of pies and cookies to make sure I have a good variety in my cookbook that I’m helping compile. COOKIESchoc. chipsugarpeanut butteretc…PIEcoconutchocolatepeanut butteretc…

What is a good mexican food to make?

Please help! I am having a fiesta in my spanish class tomorrow and I am looking for something quick, fairly easy, and tasty to make. Any ideas? Recipes w/ ingredients listed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Does anyone know how you can make a cake without an oven?

My oven went out and I have a cake mix I need to make for my mom. Does anyone know any alternatives other than the oven?

What is the difference between root beer and birch beer?

I just want to know. I don’t think I could really tell the difference between the two if someone gave me a blind taste test. Then again it might be how they taste or the ingredients they put into the drinks. Keep your answers simple. Nothing too technical. I just want to know the difference.

Where can I buy bone-shaped cookie dish to bake dog treats?

(or other dog related shapes)Is there any way baking dish for making a few cookies at a time?ONLINE STORES ARE FINE!

Does anyone have a good recipe for leg of ostrich?

I have heard only that this meat is very low in fat, so how would you cook leg of ostrich?