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What Should I Make For Dinner For Myself and my 11 Year Old Brother?

I have to babysit him tonight and don’t know what I should make for dinner. I can cook pretty well but I am tired of what I usually make him for dinner: Mac and Cheese, Chicken Kiev, Chicken Patties, Spaghetti, etc.What should I make him? Thanks!Also, it’s hot out so something refreshing would be nice.

How many people does a keg of beer serve?

Im getting married and want to serve beer at the wedding. There could be between 50-90 people there with maybe 20-40 beer drinkers. Is one keg going to be enough for everyone to have 3 or 4 drinks? What about wine for the ladies? Should I just buy a couple of boxes?Im paying for this…

How do you make the pre-made pie crusts in the box?

I know it’s a stupid question. But I bought one of those Jell-O cheesecake mixes so I could make it for my mom. I decided not to make it last night like I was going to and put the two packages in the cupboard, and threw the box away. Yeah, it was stupid. How do…

Is there a good choriso recipe without vinegar?

I am using venison to make choriso, but vinegar makes it gamey. So far every recipe I have found calls for some amount of vinegar.

What are your favorite things in a salad, or favorite toppings?

I get bored with mine and need some new ideas for my salads.

How do you make chicken parmesan?

I am a horrible cook but I have never ate chicken parmesan before. Is it good?

How do you make brine without sugar?

Does all brining solutions need sugar? Will salt and water due ? What is the ratio?

What does it take to start and run a profitable retail wine store?

A boutique/specialty retail wine store focusing on artisanal wine, that is (i.e., not directly competing with Costco and supermarkets). Assume the store would be in an area with many interesed wine drinkers (e.g., SF Bay Area, Seattle, Chicago etc.)

What is the easiest way to make a simple but decent homebrewed beverage?

How can I make a decent brew with ingredients bought from a general store?